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Trip to Cádiz


Old age explains the complexity of this city. Cádiz, the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in Europe, is a destination for any sea aficionado. The ancient city centre, hugging the Atlantic waters, is blend of curved streets, eroded sea walls, beaches and taverns echoing with the sounds of both sea and city life. Here, taste the local seafood, watch the surfers, or take part in the fun. Visit a few of the many churches and museums.

1tydz. Cadiz

Departure Port: Puerto Banus,

Distance: 250 miles of sailing in mostly Atlantic Ocean waters.

Stages: Gibraltar, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa, Barbate, Cadiz, Ceuta

DSCF0302 Strait of Gibraltar Sunset Atlantic Ocean


Throughout our navigation, there will be ideal conditions at sea for improving yourself as a sailor. This is due to the presence of tides, strong currents in the region of the Pillars of Hercules and heavy traffic of commercial ships in the Strait.



Price: from € 1,500 (+ 21% VAT).

Check Rates and reservations


rental of the boat, passenger insurance, costs of staying in the departure port, safety and navigation equipment.


Does not include:

Air tickets, airport transfers (on request), food and drinking water, fuel and gas, costs of staying in the ports throughout trip and cleaning fees after your stay (+ 80 €),


Deposit: € 1500 (for rent without skipper)


The route of navigation is likely to vary according to the weather.



Direct contact with the sailboat: +34 620 648 988