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Trip to Casablanca, Marrakech, Mt. Toubkal



Casablanca, Morocco’s economical and cultural capital, is a good representation of a city on the rise. The western feel in this African city is prevalent. You can find this in the fashion, art, architecture, restaurants, bars and clubs. Despite this, there is no denying that Casablanca has a fascinating history of Berber, Roman, Arab, Portuguese, Spanish, French, British and Moroccan roots. While you are here, make sure to visit the elaborate Hassan II Mosque, the largest Mosque in north Africa and third largest in the world.  



From the old city center, the Medina, to the new town, Marrakech is remarkably unique. Visit the Djemaa el-Fna, the city's main square and marketplace, where you can find snake charmers and henna tattoo artists. In the evening dozens upon dozens of chefs set up their stalls here and musicians fill the air with music. During the day head north from the Djemaa el-Fna to visit the souks of Marrakesh. While in the Medina, take a look at the elegant palaces and mansions.


Mt. Toubkal:

Jebel Toubkal, Morocco’s highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, makes a rewarding climb. As you make your ascent, you will pass traditional Berber communities, making the climb both a cultural and physical journey.


Departure Port: Puerto Banus,




Throughout our navigation, there will be ideal conditions at sea for improving yourself as a sailor. This is due to the presence of tides, strong currents in the region of the Pillars of Hercules and heavy traffic of commercial ships in the Strait.


Price: from € 1,500 (+ 21% VAT). Check Rates and reservations

Includes: rental of the boat, passenger insurance, costs of staying in the departure port, safety and navigation equipment.


Does not include: Air tickets, airport transfers (on request), food and drinking water, fuel and gas, costs of staying in the ports throughout trip and cleaning fees after your stay (+ 80 €),


Deposit: € 1500 (for rent without skipper)

Direct contact with the sailboat: +34 620 648 988




The route of navigation is likely to vary according to the weather.