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Trip to Rio Guadiana, Portugal


Rio Guadiana, the river dividing Spain and Portugal, is a natural beauty all the way through. We will visit the towns of Vila Real De Santo António, Sanlúcar and Pomarão. In these towns, experience real Portuguese life. Drink a beer or grab a coffee. Try Bacalao, the traditional Portuguese Cod dish and sample sardines. Sit back and relax.


Departure Port: Puerto Banus,




Throughout our navigation, there will be ideal conditions at sea for improving yourself as a sailor. This is due to the presence of tides, strong currents in the region of the Pillars of Hercules and heavy traffic of commercial ships in the Strait.

Price: from € 1,500 (+ 21% VAT). Check Rates and reservations

Includes: rental of the boat, passenger insurance, costs of staying in the departure port, safety and navigation equipment.


Does not include: Air tickets, airport transfers (on request), food and drinking water, fuel and gas, costs of staying in the ports throughout trip and cleaning fees after your stay (+ 80 €),


Deposit: € 1500 (for rent without skipper)

Direct contact with the sailboat: +34 620 648 988


The route of navigation is likely to vary according to the weather.