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Trip to Ceuta


Ceuta, a Spanish territory on the coast of Morocco, is located on a peninsula extending out into the Mediterranean. It offers a fantastic architecture, excellent food of Spanish, African and Arabic roots, interesting museums, tranquil nature walks and a lovely maritime park. You will find that the city has a unique beauty at night with its skyline of gleaming buildings and bursting palms.




Take a cruise with your family and friends for an unforgettable cruise around the Hercules poles chasing dolphins and adventure.


We leave from Puerto Banus at 8 in the morning, after introducing the conditions for safe sailing on a sea yacht. We will have approximately 6-7 hours of navigation, with time for teaching sailing, jumping into and swimming in the water, sailing along with groups of dolphins and also fishing.


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We will arrive in Africa at two to three in the afternoon.

Discover Ceuta, climb Mount Hacho where you will have a great view of the city, visit the fortress and museams, walk through the royal walls and in the San Amaro Park, a large botanical garden, enjoy Duty Free shopping and international cuisine.

We will return to Puerto Banus the next day in the afternoon, around three to five o'clock, depending on the weather.



Price: 1200 € (+ 21 % VAT )


Passengers: 6 + 2 max

The price includes:


Yacht rental (about 33 hours), skipper, Diesel, non alchoholic soft drinks, snacks, sandwiches, a night on board in the Hercules Marina, passanger insurance and bedding.


Direct contact with the boat : 0034 620 648 988