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 Trip to Morocco 



Morocco is one of the most diverse countries in Africa, with high mountains, sweeping desert, rugged coastline, and the winding alleyways of ancient medina cities and open air markets. Close to Spain, yet visibly exotic, Morocco is a gem.




We recommend that you visit the city of Tetouan which is recognized by UNESCO. The Tetouan Medina delights newcomers from around the world. The result of consolidation and indigenous cultures merge creates the northern Moroccan city. Tetouan Moroccan typically reflects the concept of acculturation and assimilation of different cultures.



If you would like you may choose to take a trip to the city of Tangier, located on the western side of the Strait of Gibraltar.


Take a trip with your family and friends for an unforgettable cruise around the Hercules poles chasing dolphins and adventure .





We leave from Puerto Banus at 8 in the morning, after introducing the conditions for for safe sailing on a sea yacht. We will have approximately 6 hours of navigation, with time for teaching sailing, jumping into and swimming in the water, riding the tails of dolphins and also fishing. Once we have arrived we can hike to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, go shopping and have fun in the port. We will get Back to Puerto Banus next day in the afternoon, around three to five o'clock, depending on meteorological terms.



Price expeditions : 1200 € (+ 21 % VAT )
Max 6 + 2 persons
The price includes :
Yacht charter (about 33 hours), skipper, Diesel, soft drinks, snacks, sandwiches, a night on a yacht, insurance, crew and bedding.

Direct contact with the boat : 0034 620648 988